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As one of the famous industrial wire brush experts, Hangzhou Zhanqi Brush Company locates at Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, near the beautiful West Lake which is known to be paradise.

We specialize in producing steel brushes,stainless steel wire brushes, brass wire brushes, and nylon wire brushes, and can supply full range of high quality brushes with best price and timely delivery through our strong technical force. As manufacturers and exporters of steel wire brushes and industrial wire brushes, we can provide OEM service according to your specifications and orders.

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Our products

We can provide a wide range of industrial wire brushes in block, strip and handle style with different wire sizes. The material of the wire can be carbon steel, brass-plated steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, brass, or bronze wire. Our industrial wire brushes are also available with nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene wire.

Steel wire brush:

Steel wire brushes are economical and used for wide applications, which are available of different wire options. The hardness of steel wire makes it durable cutting action and a high fatigue life. Steel wire can be used on wood, aluminum and brass and it is most suitable for steel and iron workplaces, it can cut into the soft material and remove base material for coating. Don’t use carbon steel wire brushes on certain environment.

Stainless steel wire brush:

Stainless steel wire brushes are recommended for high humidity and moisture environments, also recommended using on stainless steel or aluminum surface to prevent after-rust effects.

Brass wire brush:

Brass wire is relatively corrosion resistant and an excellent conductor of electrical energy, suitable for high temperature operating environments and static reduction applications. Use brass or bronze wire brush in an environment of non-sparks environment to prevent potential safety problem.

Nylon wire brush:

The wire is available of Nylon 6.6, nylon 6.12, heat stabilized nylon, conductive nylon, abrasive nylon. Nylon wire brushes are suitable for aggressive scrubbing to dusting in both dry and wet environments. It has good abrasion resistance, excellent fatigue life, resistance to common solvents, low absorption of water, excellent bend recovery rate, and suitability for use in weak acids.


Scrub brush:

Scrub Brush is for heavy cleaning with short stiff nylon wire. It’s hard wearing shaped design for easy handling. Block and handle provides a comfortable finger grip and prevents hands from being dipped in water or cleaning solutions, to removes dirt, pots and pans from fruit and vegetables, potatoes, dish for thorough cleaning of robust surfaces.

Cleanig brush:

Cleaning brush or hand held washing brush is of great importance for every house surface treatment. Cleaning brushes come in wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, and abrasive wire qualities. Usually it’s single-sided or double-sided brush with a handle to remove dust from living room, kitchen, and cars.

Floor brush:

brooms or floor brushes of nylon wire with plastic and metal handles have been used to sweep the home and workplace. It is strength durable, strong brushing with water Rubber scrapper for clean up the water in the field. Variable block length is available.

Car brush:

Car wash brush is convenient for washing cars for superior car care, are safe for cleaning of all smooth surfaces on car, bus, truck, house siding or windows, cleaning the car wheel and bring away all the dirties, removes oil, grease, grime and brake dust from between spokes and around rims.

We are brush manufacturers and brush suppliers of steel wire brushes, stainless steel wire brushes, brass wire brushes, and nylon wire brushes, which are industrial brushes can be applied for scrubbing, cleaning, clear floor, and car washing. As a brush factory with many years' manufacturing experiences, we can supply high qualigy China brushes.

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